Conference of Prof. Eric John Wyckoff, SDB

The Biblical Well Encounters: Untangling a Crux Interpretum

On Tuesday 15 February 2022 Fr. Eric John Wyckoff, SDB, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at the Salesian Pontifical University, Jerusalem Campus, held the conference:

“The Biblical Well Encounters: Untangling a Crux Interpretum.
John 4:1-42 among the Biblical Well Encounters.
Pentateuchal and Johannine Narrative Reconsidered”.


What unites the episodes in Genesis 24 and 29, Exodus 2, and John 4 which depict a man and a woman meeting at a well? Well-known critical studies disagree.
This research proposes that the four texts share a relationship which is three-dimensional (inter-, hyper-, and architextual) and embraces a recurring constellation of ten literary motifs.

Text of the speech