Saller, Excavations at Bethany (Collectio Maior 12)

Saller, Excavations at Bethany

Sylvester John Saller, Excavations at Bethany (1949-1953) (Collectio Maior 12), Jerusalem 1957 (rist. 1982)


The excavations and results in general
The first church
The second church
The third and fourth churches
The Abbey
Stone remains of the churches and Abbey no longer in situ
The new church of St. Lazarus
Excavations in the ancient village of Bethany
Clay lamps and lanterns
Earthen jars
Earthen flasks and bottles
Earthen cooking pots
Earthen bowls, basins, mortars, craters, plates, saucers, cups tumblers, covers
Artifacts of glass, metal, stone, bone and shell
Coins and medals
Other finds and points of interest at Bethany
The town and its inhabitants