Chrupcała, Rediscovering John (Analecta 80)

Chrupcała, Rediscovering John

Lesław Daniel Chrupcała (a cura di), Rediscovering John. Essays on the Fourth Gospel in Honour of Frédéric Manns (Analecta 80), Milano 2013

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The idea of dedicating a Festschrift to honor Professor Frédéric Manns on the happy occasion of his 70th birthday came to mind in the autumn of 2011 and work on this project had been continuing ever since.
Felicitously achieving this goal, the Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology (Studium Biblicum Franciscanum) and the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land present this volume to Father Manns with gratitude for his profound scholarship and a lifetime service in the Holy Land.

Perusing through Father Manns’ writings, it is easy to see a prominent and distinctive place devoted to the Gospel of John. It seemed therefore suitable to focus on this subject in the Festschrift honoring him: the title, Rediscovering John, relates to Manns’ significant contribution towards the better understanding of the Fourth Gospel.

The volume comprises 21 studies authored by renowned scholars from various parts of the world, from different institutions and denominations. While the first half of the studies examines general issues (history of interpretation, textual transmission, intertextuality, theological themes, archaeology), the second half treats literary, narrative and exegetical approaches to particular texts of the Fourth Gospel.

We augur that this rich collection will help to stimulate further discussion and reflection on the Gospel of John, as well as constitute an incentive to an already distinguished scholar to continue writing challenging and thought-provoking essays and books.
(from the Foreword by the Editor)



Frédéric Manns: Biographical and Academic Profile
Selected Bibliography of Frédéric Manns

Andreas J. Köstenberger, Johannine Fallacies: Ten Common Misconceptions Regarding John’s Gospel

Rosario Pierri, Il Correttore del Vangelo di Giovanni del codice Vaticano Gr. 1209

Domingo Muñoz León, La Carta de San Ignacio de Antioquía a los Magnesiosy su relación con el Evangelio y las Cartas de San Juan

Michèle Morgen, « Jésus-Christ venu dans la chair » et le commandement d’amour. Une structure théologique fondamentale des écrits johanniques

Francis J. Moloney, The Love Theme in the Gospel of John

Dirk van der Merwe, Early Christian Spirituality in the Gospel of John: A Toraic Stimulus

Cornelis Bennema, Virtue Ethics in the Gospel of John: The Johannine Characters as Moral Agents

Michael Labahn, Das ‚Fruchtbringen‘ der Glaubenden und das ewige Leben zwischen Gegenwart und Zukunft: Eschatologie und Ethik im vierten Evangelium

Alviero Niccacci, From the Banquet of Alliance to the Banquet of Wisdomand to the Banquet of Jesus in the Gospel of John

Hans-Ulrich Weidemann, Leben für den Kosmos statt Sterben für Israel: Überlegungen zur Überlieferungsgeschichte des sog. ‚Einsetzungsberichts‘ im Johannesevangelium

Urban C. von Wahlde, The Great Public Miqvaot at Bethesda and Siloam, The Development of Jewish Attitudes Toward Ritual Purity in Late Second Temple Judaism, and Their Implications for the Gospel of John

Maurizio Marcheselli, Il profilo narrativo del personaggio ‘i giudei’ in Gv 1–12

Rainer Riesner, John 1:14 and ‘the Disciple whom Jesus loved’

Mary L. Coloe, ‘Behold the Lamb of God’: John 1:29 and the Tamid Service

Giancarlo Biguzzi, Gv 2–4: la prima ed esemplare sezione del Quarto Vangelo

Romano Penna, Il vino nelle nozze di Cana (Gv 2,1-11) e in Filone Alessandrino

Luis Díez Merino, La serpiente de bronce y la interpretación targumica de Juan 3,14

Mirosław S. Wróbel, John 8:44 as crux interpretum

Giorgio Giurisato, The Farewell Discourse (John 13–17): Text, Context and Intertext

Yves Simoens, Un pouvoir peut en cacher un autre ; un péché aussi. Interprétation de Jn 19,11

Craig S. Keener, Youthful Vigor and the Maturity of Age: Peter and the Beloved Disciple in John 20–21