Piccirillo - Alliata, Mount Nebo (Collectio Maior 27)

Michele Piccirillo - Eugenio Alliata, Mount Nebo. New Archaeological Excavations 1967-1997 (Collectio Maior 27), I. Text, Jerusalem 1998

Scheda nel sito delle Edizioni Terra Santa

Mount Nebo was the very place where Moses saw the Promised Land before dying after 40 years of wandering in the desert. Its memory was preserved up to early Christian times, so that Egeria, a Spanish pilgrim, could still describe it precisely in the 4th century. After that, through the dark period of the Middle Ages up almost to modern times its location faded away together with the ruins of the Sanctuary of Moses and the surrounding churches. Only in the middle of 19th century was Mount Nebo identified again, and soon the ruins of its magnificent monuments appeared in all their splendor.

This books brings to us the lively memory of its mosaics and sculptures, but also reminds us in the middle of a region still so torn apart by nature and sorrow that, at the end of any pilgrimage in the desert, there is a vision of peace and prosperity that all of us wish to the people of the region.


M. Piccirillo - E. Alliata, Preface
M. Piccirillo, The Exploration
E. Cortese - A. Niccacci, Nebo in Biblical Tradition
F. Manns, The Grave of Moses in Jewish Literature
M. Piccirillo, Pilgrim’s Texts
P. Mortensen - I. Theuesen, The Prehistoric Periods
G. Palumbo, The Bronze Age
F. Benedettucci, The Iron Age
F. Benedettucci - R. Sabelli, The Edifice at Rujm al Mukhayyat
M. Piccirillo, The Roman Esbus-Livias Road
E. Alliata - S. Bianchi, The Architectural Phasing of the Memorial of Moses
M. Piccirillo, The Monastic Presence
M. Piccirillo, The Churches on Mount Nebo. New Discoveries
M. Piccirillo, The Mosaics
S. Ognibene, The Iconophobic Dossier
A. Michel, The Liturgical Installations
C. Sanmorì, The Funerary Practices
L. Di Segni, The Greek Inscriptions
A. Acconci, Elements of the Liturgical Furniture - Obietcs from Mount Nebo
H. Gilter, The Coins of Siyagha and Mukhayyat
L. Marino, New Architectural Surveys at Siyagha
R. Sabelli - O. Dinelli, The Mount Nebo Archaeological Park

II volume: Plates