Alliata - Manns, Early Christianity in Context (Collectio Maior 38)

Alliata - Manns, Early Christianity in Context

Eugenio Alliata - Frédéric Manns, Early Christianity in Context. Monuments and Documents (Collectio Maior 38), Jerusalem 1993 (rist. 2002)

Do we know anything about Early Christianity in the Holy Land? Father E. Testa tried to answer to this question during his long academic life. He was convinced that Judaism and Early Christianity should be part of the study of Holy Scriptures. The roots of the New Testament are to be found in Judaism. But these roots have given a fruit in Early Christianity. To honour Father E. Testa scholars from different countries, from different faiths and from different schools present original contributions. Their interest is in archaeological reports, but also in the study of literary sources. Documents and Monuments are studied here.

These papers on themes of interest to Father Testa will contribute to a critical discussion of some problems of concern to him. It is through real scholarship that the Studium Biblicum chooses to pay tribute to Father E. Testa. Scholarship is not about agreeing, but about disagreeing, and being able to proof his own affirmations. Dogmatism should leave the field open to pluralism. Parochialism should be uprooted for the twentieth century should be time for dialogue.


G. C. Bottini, Bibliography of E. Testa
F. Manns, Survey of the Main Studies on Early Christianity
E. M. Meyers, Aspects of Roman Sepphoris in the Light of Recent Archaeology
S. Loffreda, La tradizionale casa di Simon Pietro a Cafarnao a 25 anni dalla sua scoperta
C. Dauphin, Encore des judéo-chrétiens au Golan?
R. Riesner, Der christliche Zion: vor oder nachkonstantinisch?
Y. Magen, Mount Garizim and the Samaritans
Y. Magen, The “Samaritan” Sarcophagi
Y. Magen, Qedumim
A Samaritan Site of the Roman-Byzantine Period
Y. Magen, The Ritual Baths (Miqva’ot) at Qedumim and the Observance of Ritual Purity Among the Samaritans
Y. Magen, Samaritan Synagogues
L. Di Segni, The Greek Inscriptions in the Samaritan Synagogue at El Khirbe with Some Considerations on the Function of the Samaritan Synagogue in the Late Roman Period
A. Negev, The Mampsis Gymnasia and their Later History. Preliminary Report and Interpretation
G. Avni, Christian Secondary Use of Jewish Burial Caves in Jerusalem in the Light of New Excavations at the Aceldama Tombs
J. Patrich - B. Arubas - B. Agur, Monastic Cells in the Desert of Gerasimus near the Jordan
Y. Hirschfeld, Holy Sites in the Vicinity of the Monastery of Chariton
M. Piccirillo, La chiesa del Prete Wa’il a Umm al-Rasas - Kastron Mefaa in Giordania
E. Alliata, Ceramica dallo scavo della chiesa di Wa’il a Umm al-Rasas
I. Peña, Los monjes y la evangelización del mundo rural sirio
E. Puech, The Collection of Beatitudes in Hebrew and in Greek (4Q525 1-4 and Mt 5,3-12)
B. J. Malina, “Apocalyptic” and Territoriality
E. Bosetti - A. Niccacci, L’indemoniato e il festaiolo Lc 7,34-35 (Mt 11,18-19) sullo sfondo della tradizione sapienziale biblico-giudaica
E. Ferguson, Justin Martyr on Jews, Christians and the Covenant
C. Noce, La tipologia di Giacobbe in Giustino
F. Manns, La liste des premiers évêques de Jérusalem
L. Díez Merino, La onomástica: método hermenéutico en el texto hebreo y targúmico a Génesis
E. Galbiati, Il testamento di Adamo in un codice arabo della Biblioteca Ambrosiana
I. Grego, L’apocrifo “Storia di Giuseppe falegname” e i suoi apporti mariologici
L. Cignelli, Le omelie di S. Girolamo su Marco 1
L. Moraldi, “Primo incontro tra Cristianesimo e Islamismo” da un manoscritto della Biblioteca Ambrosiana