Bottini - Di Segni - Alliata, Christian Archaeology in the Holy Land (Collectio Maior 36)

Bottini - Di Segni - Alliata, Christian Archaeology in the Holy Land

Giovanni Claudio Bottini - Leah Di Segni - Eugenio Alliata (ed.), Christian Archaeology in the Holy Land. New Discoveries. Archaeological Essays in Honour of Virgilio C. Corbo (Collectio Maior 36), Jerusalem 1990

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This work, which has taken place in the context of a broad collaboration between the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum and a vast array of young Israeli archaeologists. has given the oppurtunity to publish the results of a good number of recent archaeological excavations of monasteries, churches and Christian edifices of the Holy Land.

With this publication the Stidium Biblicum Franciscanum wishes to commemorate the 70th birthday of Father Virgilio C. Corbo.


G.C. Bottini, Bibliografia di V.C. Corbo
Y. Hirschfeld, List of the Byzantine Monasteries in the Judean Desert
Y. Magen - R. Talgam, The Monastery of Martyrius at Ma'Ale Adummim (Khirbet el-Murassas) and its Mosaic
L. Di Segni, The Monastery of Martyrius at Ma'Ale Adummim (Khirbet el-Murassas): the Inscriptions
E. Netzer, The Byzantine Churches of Herodion
L. Di Segni, The Greek Inscriptions in the Northern and Eastern Churches at Herodion
E. Netzer - R. Birger, A Byzantine Monastery at Nuseib 'Uweishîra, West of Jericho
L. Di Segni, Nuseib 'Uweishîra: the Inscription
J. Patrich, The Cells of Choziba, Wadi el-Qilt
H. Goldfus, Khallat ed-Danabiyeh: a Desert Monastery
H. Hizmi, The Byzantine Church at Khirbet el-Beiyûdât: Preliminary Report
L. Di Segni, Khirbet el-Beiyûdât: the Inscriptions
Y. Magen, A Byzantine Church at Beit Einun (Beth Anoth) in the Hebron Hills
R. Frankel - J. Patrich - Y. Tsafrir, The Oil Press at Horvat Beit Loya
G. Avni - U. Dahari, Christian Burial Caves from the Byzantine Period at Luzit
L. Di Segni, Christian Burial Caves at Luzit: the Inscriptions
Y. Magen, A Roman Fortress and a Byzantine Monastery at Khirbet el-Kîliya
Y. Magen, The Church of Mary Theotokos on Mount Gerizim
L. Di Segni, The Church of Mary Theotokos on Mount Gerizim: the Inscriptions
M. Aviam, Horvath Hesheq - A Unique Church in Upper Galilee: Preliminary Report
L. Di Segni, Horvath Hesheq: The Inscriptions
M. Piccirillo - E. Alliata, L’eremitaggio di Procapis e l’ambiente funerario di Robebos al Monte Nebo-Siyagha
E. Alliata, Nuovo settore del monastero al Monte Nebo-Siyagha
J.-B. Humbert, Khirbet es-Samra du Diocèse de Bosra
S. Loffreda, The Greek Inscriptions on the Byzantine Lamps from the Holy Land
M. Ben-Pechat, Baptism and Monasticism in the Holy Land according to Archaeological and Literary Evidence (Fourth to Seventh Centuries)
D. Chen, On Planning of Synagogues and Churches in Palaestina: a Comparison with Syria and Illyricum
Y. Tsafrir, On the Pre-Planning of Ancient Churches and Synagogues. A Test Case: the Northern Church at Rehovot in the Negev
G. Foerster, Allegorical and Symbolic Motifs with Christian  significance from Mosaic Pavements of Sixth Century Palestinian Synagogues
F. Manns, Joseph de Tibériade, un judéo-chrétien du quatrième siècle
I. Peña, Aspectos peculiares del monacato sirio
A. Recio Veganzones, La representación arquitectónica de la Rotonda del Santo Sepulcro en la escultura paleocristiana de Occidente
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